04/28/05 CCB Masters IM 50s

Apr 28, 2005
04/28/05 CCB Masters  IM 50s

WARMUP: 400400 your choice on your ownDRILL SET: 400With fins.Swim the following continuously:1 X 200 Single-Arm Drill IM1 X 200 2L/2R Drill IM (except freestyle is normal freestyle)Focus on 2 kicks per armstroke on "Fly" and on rotation and showing the shoulders on "Back."MAIN SET: 1000The kick/scull 50s are not on any sendoff, but for the rest of the 50s, pick a sendoff that gives you 12 to 15 seconds rest and then hold that sendoff throughout. The kick/scull 50s are all done with a pull buoy for the entire 50.20 X 50, swum as follows:50 kick/scull Fly50 Fly50 FL/BK50 BK/BR50 BR/FR50 FL/BK50 kick/scull Back50 BACK50 BK/BR50 BR/FR50 FL/BK50 BK/BR50 kick/scull Breast50 BREAST50 BR/FR50 FL/BK50 BK/BR50 kick/scull Free50 FREE50 EZ recoveryFIN SET: 350Wear fins for the entire set.6 X 25 Freestyle arms with dolphin kick8 X 25Odds: FAST freestyle with flutter kick, with two swimmers going against each other in each laneEvens: EZ recoveryWARMDOWN: 100At least 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2300

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