04/29/04 CCB Masters Hold Count...Reduce Time 25s and 50s

Apr 29, 2004
04/29/04  CCB Masters  Hold Count...Reduce Time  25s and 50s

Time for some short intervals today, after going T-15s and T-20s earlier in the week. The big question on the main set is how do you go faster without taking more strokes. The answer is that you have to figure it out...and there are no rules. Some suggestions would be: Start nice and relaxed on the first one so you have somewhere to go. Improve your streamline off the walls when you need to go faster. Get a stronger pushoff. Put more power into each stroke that you take. Kick a little harder. The nice thing about the set is that it makes you THINK about how to get faster...and how to be clever about it rather than just muscling your way to more speed.WARMUP 400400 choice on your ownMAIN SET: 1900/1300Swim two rounds of the following. Fast lane did the "8s." Slower lane did the "6s."6/8 X 25 Free with fistgloves on :40/:45Count strokes on each 25. Hold stroke count the same and descend time 1to 4 and 5 to 8.6/8 X 50 Free nekked on 1:00/1:15Hold stroke count and descend time 1 to 4 and 5 to 8.200/250 pull with pull buoy and paddles. Breathe as much as you want on odd lengths. Breathe every 4 or 5 on evens.Round #1: FreestyleRound #2: Your choice of stroke, but do the same stroke on all 25s or all 50s. Or you can do something like 25 Free/25 Back for the 50s but do the same thing for all 8 X 50.WARMDOWN: 200 EZTotal Yardage: 2500/1900

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