05/01/03 CCB Masters IMs with a Twist

May 1, 2003
05/01/03   CCB Masters    IMs with a Twist

05/01/03 CCB Masters practiceThis practice looks EZ on paper, but it is a real workout for your abs. It also may seem a little confusing on paper, but after you go through the main set once, you'll get the pattern and then it's a lot easier (and fun).WARMUP: ????5 minutes swim on your own.DRILL SET: Approx. 400With fins.This was an intensive teaching session, because the team is just beginning to learn the short-axis movements (dolphining/slinkies) and drills. We stopped after every 25 or 50 for instruction and feedback. Our focus today was looking DOWN during the breath and looking DOWN during the pulses. We tried to keep a stable neck/head position -- no moving the head/neck up and down. Here's what we did:1 X 25 Head-Lead Slinky (HEDLS) under water1 X 25 HEDLS breathing every 3 pulses1 X 25 HEDLS breathing every 2 pulses3 X 25 HEDLS breathing every 2 pulses1 X 25 Hand-Lead Slinky (HANDLS), breathing every 2 and "floating" the hands and arms.1 X 25 HANDLS beathe every 2, focus on eyes DOWN and STEADY head2 X 25 HANDLS """"2 X 25 HANDLS " " "1 X 25 Stoneskipper, which is 2 Head-Lead Slinkies followed by 2 Hand-Lead Slinkies1 X 25 Stoneskipper focus on breathing just once during the cycle (as you switch from HANDLS to HEDLS)2 X 25 Stoneskipper focus on eyes DOWN and steady head.Then we practiced pulsing to the corners for 5 minutes in the shallow end.MAIN SET: 1350With fins.Do the following three times through. The 100s are a continuous swim. Start the 50s within 15 to 20 seconds after you finish the IMs. 1 X 100 Head-Lead IM (25 HEDLS + 25 Head-Lead Side to Side + 25 HEDLS on your back + 25 Torpedo)1 X 100 Hand-Lead IM (25 HANDLS + 25 6-Count Backstroke + 25 HANDLS on your back = 25 Single-Switch Freestyle)1 X 100 IM (25 Stoneskipper + 25 Backstroke + 25 Stoneskipper + 25 Freestyle)3 X 50 freestyle on 1:00 for fast lane/1:05 for middle lane/ 1:15 for slower lane First 25 of each 50 is EZ, second 25 is FAST. Try to descend your time on each subsequent 50. WARMDOWN: 100100 EZ swimdownTotal Yardage: 1550, not including warmup.

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