05/04/04 CCB Masters Sets of 500

May 6, 2004
05/04/04  CCB Masters  Sets of 500

WARMUP: 400400 your choiceMAIN SET #1: 5002 X 250 Freestyle @ :60 RI These should be strong efforts -- faster than your T-15 pace. Count strokes. Whatever your stroke count is on the 2nd length of each 250, HOLD that count for the remainder of the 250.MAIN SET #2: 500With fins.4 X 125 "IM" The first 125 is 50 FL + 25 BK + 25 BR + 25 FR. The second 125 is 25 FL + 50 BK, etc. MAIN SET #3: 500With fins.6 X 75, swum as 50 Head-Lead Dolphin Kick on Your Back + 25 FAST Freestyle50 EZ RecoveryMAIN SET #4: 500No fins.2 X 25 FR @ :15 RI. Swim these at a brisk pace and count your strokes to establish a Normal stroke count.16 X 25 FR @ :15 RI. Odds: Swim first half of length FAST; second half EZEvens: Swim first half of length EZ; second half FASTBut...on Odds and Evens, take no more than your Normal stroke count as established on the 2 X 25 of brisk Freestyle.50 RecoveryWARMDOWN: 100Continue with 100 EZ warmdown.Total Yardage: 2500

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