05/05/06 Sinko de Mayo

May 5, 2006
05/05/06  Sinko de Mayo

Glub glub. Did this in a very choppy 20-yard pool and took in mucho water. In any case, Happy Cinco de Mayo!WARMUP: 840Twice through with no equipment:40 dolphin40 flutter40 breast kick200 back/free200 breast kick alternating Zura Sidekick and head-lead, working on hips.TETHER SET: 120 + 200Tried something new today -- 120s with a tether. After a few of these, I feel ready for any race next week at nats!1 X 40 breast with tether1 X 120 breast with tether200 EZ recovery swimBREAST/TEMPO TRAINER SET: 400Did the following with Tempo Trainer set at 1:60. One through 5 with fins. Six through 10 no equipment.10 X 40#1: Hand-Lead Dolphin -- very few breaths#2: Underwater Flow (breast arms, dolphin legs)#3: Pulse Breast breathe every other stroke#4: Karla drill#5: Pulse Breast breathe every stroke#6: Pulse Breast#7: Breast with an Extra Kick#8: Underwater Breast Kick in Streamline#9: Pulse Breast#10: BreastTETHER SET: 120 + 2001 X 40 breast with tether1 X 120 breast with tether200 EZ recovery swimBREAST/FLY SET: 10 X 20 from a turn. 3 strokes breast...switch to free. Focus on holding legs in streamline till the insweep. Focus on getting up to speed immediately after the breakout.10 X 40 with fins and Tempo Trainer set at 1:65.First 20 of each interval was a different breast or fly drill. Second 20 was always 3 strokes fly...switch to free.TETHER SET: 120 1 X 40 breast with tether1 X 120 breast with tetherWARMDOWN: 200

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