05/06/04 CCB Masters 50-100-150-200

May 6, 2004
05/06/04  CCB Masters  50-100-150-200

WARMUP: 400400 on your own.MAIN SET #1: 50050 FR100 FR150 FR200 FREach lane determined its own sendoff. The sendoff is not as important as achieving the goal of the set, which is to hold the same pace throughout. For example, if you swim the 50 in :45, you should try to swim the 100 in 1:30, the 150 in 2:15, and the 200 in 3:00. As an additional goal, try to maintain the same stroke count throughout the set. The idea of all this is to IMMEDIATELY hit a pace on the 50 that you can SUSTAIN throughout the set. This is an important skill in triathlon -- you want to start off with a pace that you can sustain through the entire race.MAIN SET #2: 500With fins.2 X (50 SA drill + 50 LA drill + 50 SA drill + 100 Free)First time through: All drills are head-lead (either body dolphin or flutter)Second time through: All drills are hand-lead (body dolphin or 6-count backstroke)MAIN SET #3: 500 + 100No fins.Repeat Main Set #1.100 EZ recoveryMAIN SET #4: 200With fins.4 X 25 IM on :30 sendoff. Take at least 6 underwater body dolphins at the start of each 25.With fins.4 X 25 FAST Freestyle on :60 sendoff Make this a scrimmage, where swimmers are racing right next to each other. Group the swimmers so that two swimmers are swimming next to each other in a lane. Second heat of swimmers leaves 10 seconds after first heat. Treat each 25 as a RACE. Today we worked on going as far as possible under water with a fast body dolphin. We worked on getting the depth right, and on dolphining faster than if we were doing body dolphin on the surface.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZTotal Yardage: 2400

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