05/06/06 IM and Breast Breakouts

May 6, 2006
05/06/06   IM and Breast Breakouts

Did this in a 20-yard pool.WARMUP: 840Twice through with no equipment:40 dolphin40 flutter40 breast kick200 free/back200 breast kick with Zura Sidekick and some of it head-lead no equipmentMAIN SET:400 IM40 EZ recovery10 X 40 breast kick with different equipment and no equipment, with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 4040 EZ recovery320 IM40 EZ recovery20 X 20 from a turnOdds: Double pullout breast into one stroke breast, then freeEvens: Pullout, breakout, 3 strokes breast, then switch to freeFocus is finding the most efficient position for pulldown, streamline legs into first stroke, then streamline after first stroke, then find immediate speed right after the breakout.WARMDOWN: 120Total Yardage: 2600

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