05/09/05 Breaststroke & Im Practice

May 9, 2005
05/09/05  Breaststroke & Im Practice

Did this in a 20-yard poolWARMUP: 800No equipment160 Head-Lead IM160 Hand-Lead IM160 Single-Arm IM160 2L/2R IM160 EZ Breast kick in different positionsTETHER SET #1: 1203 X 40 with tether (went 8 strokes against and 8 strokes assisted). Ten bobs between 40s.IM SET: #1: 400With Zura Alpha Fins400 IMTETHER SET #2: 120Repeat the 3 X 40 as above.IM SET #2: 320With TYR fins320 IMTETHER SET #3: 120Repeat the 2 X 40 as above.IM SET #3: 240With pull buoy: 40 kick/40 scull/40 swim in all 4 strokesTotal Yardage: 2120

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