05/10/05 Breaststroke Taper

May 10, 2005
05/10/05  Breaststroke Taper

OK. Timt to start cranking and getting serious about SPEED. Masters Nationals starts next week on the 20th. Today I wanted to swim each of my breaststroke races twice, and descend my times on each swim.WARMUP: 800With TYR fins.100 Head-Lead IM100 Hand-Lead IM200 Single-Arm IM200 2L/2R IM100 FreeWithout fins: 100 EZ Breaststroke Kick in different positions.MAIN SET #1: 600 + 200With no break, swim:2 X 200 breast on 4:00 sendoff, descend (went 3:14 with 7 strokes each length/3:04 with 7 - 8 and 9 strokes)2 X 100 breast on 2:00 sendoff, descend (went 1:28/1:27) (Took 7 and 8 strokes on 1st 100; 7-8-9 strokes on 2nd 100.) My focus on these was to super-streamlin on my first stroke after the pullout, and to super-streamline into every wall and finish. I was also focusing on karate-chopping my elbow back after touching at each turn.200 EZ recoveryMAIN SET #2: 400 + 1008 X 50 on 1:15 sendoffOdds: Breast kick with a board, with 8 Rocket Launchers before starting. (Held :50)Evens: Breaststroke, looking for easy speed. Stroke count was about 8/9...9/9...9/10...9/10. (Went 41...40...39...38)100 EZ recoveryMAIN SET #3: 100 + 1004 X 25 breast on :35 sendoff (went 19...19...20...19) Held 10/11 strokes.100 EZ warmdown3 starts from the blocksTotal Yardage: 2300

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