05/11/04 CCB Masters

May 6, 2004
05/11/04  CCB Masters

WARMUP: 40010 minutes warmup on your own.MAIN SET: 2000NOTE: New swimmers and those in lane #1 should do 300/300 instead of 400/400 on the first part of the set. You can also do 200/200 instead of 300/300.400 Free, count strokes and try to maintain same stroke count throughout.400 with fins, alternating 50 Head-Lead Body Dolphin on either back or stomach + 50 Free300 Free, count strokes and maintain count throughout.300 Free with pull buoy and lungbuster breathing pattern. Odds: Breathe as much as you want.Evens: Breathe every 3, 5, 7 by 100.200 Free. Count strokes, but don't worry about maintaining count. Just let it flow.200 with fins, alternating 50 body dolphin and 50 6-Count Backstroke100 Free Let it flow. Don't count strokes!100 Free FOR TIME WITH FINS.WARMDOWN: 100-200 EZ

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