05/16/05 Last Tether Practice

May 16, 2005
05/16/05   Last Tether Practice

Did this in a 20-yard pool. Last tether practice before meet this weekend.WARMUP: 600No equipment80 Head-Lead IM80 Hand-Lead IM80 Single-Arm IM80 2L/2R IM280 alternating EZ back, free, breast kickTETHER SET: 440 9 X 40 with tether with more rest than usual. First 5 were 8 strokes resisted/8 strokes assisted. Last ones were 7 resisted/8 assisted.1 X 80 with tetherFINS SET:With TYR fins.1 X 200, alternating 20 Underwater Breast with Dolphin Kick and 20 Above-Water Breast with Dolphin Kick focusing on skinny arms in front.1 X 160 as above but faster1 X 120 as above, faster1 X 80 as above, faster cadence1 X 40 as above, all outKICK SET: 40010 X 40 breast kick in all different positions, with 5 Rocket Launchers before each 40. Took as few kicks as possible on the first 20 and as many kicks as possible on the second 20. Every 3rd 40 was whole-stroke breast with a pull buoy, focusing on skinny arms in front and getting hands over the surface on recovery.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ free with pull buoyTotal Yardage: 2240

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