06/01/04 CCB Masters 200s Descend

Jun 2, 2004
06/01/04 CCB Masters  200s Descend

I wasn't sure how this practice would play out with the team, because I haven't tried it myself, but after the first couple of 200s, everyone got into the challenge of descending the 200s, and it became fun. I didn't assign any sendoffs. Each lane decided on their sendoffs. I was more concerned that they do the 200s with descending times than that they meet a certain sendoff.WARMUP: 400400 on your own.MAIN SET: 2000You'll be doing five 200s freestyle, with some shorter swims in between. Your main focus is the 200s. Try to swim each one faster than the last one, even if only by a second.1 X 200 Freestyle2 X 100 Freestyle (descend these if you can)1 X 200 Freestyle4 X 50 Choice1 X 200 Freestyle8 X 25 with fins. Odds are Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Stomach. Evens are Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back.1 X 200 Freestyle (no fins)1 X 100 IM with fins2 X 50 with fins BK/BR BR/FR1 X 200 Freestyle (no fins)2 X 50 Choice with fins4 X 25 Freestyle with fins -- FAST -- on roughly :45 sendoff. We did this as a scrimmage, with two swimmers pushing off at the same time in each lane and racing each other.WARMDOWN: 200200 your choice warmdownTotal Yardage: 2600

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