06/03/03 CCB Masters 400s All Different Ways

Jun 3, 2003
06/03/03  CCB Masters  400s All Different Ways

06/03/03 CCB Masters practiceWARMUP: ???Swim 5 to 7 minutes on your own.WARMUP SET: 400Four rounds of the following:50, swum as 25 back + 25 breast50, swum as 25 breast + 25 freeFocus on keeping head down on breast and free.MAIN SET: 2000/1600/1200Fast lane did all of the following, on the first set of sendoffs. Middle lane did all but the 400, on the second set of sendoffs. Slower lane did all but the 400 and 200s, on the third set of sendoffs.1 X 400 free on :30 RI2 X 200 free on :25 RI/:30 RI4 X 100 free on :20 RI/:25 RI/:30 RI8 X 50 free on :15 RI/:20 RI/:25 RI16 X 25 free on :10 RI/:10 RI/:15 RIWARMDOWN:200200 EZ swimTotal Yardage: 2600/2200/1800, not including warmup

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