06/06/06 UV Rays Masters Cruisin'

Jun 6, 2006
06/06/06 UV Rays Masters  Cruisin'

About half of our swimmers competed in long runs or long triathlons over the weekend, so wanted to do kind of a cruise day today, with lots of equipment.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownTRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 free, swimming 3 abreast in each lane to simulate triathlon start. If only 2 swimmers per lane, one swims down the middle. MAIN SET: 1750Swim 3 rounds of the following. The 50-50-50-100 free is a continuous swim with fins. The freestyle swim is separate and the equipment varies.50 SA drill on stomach50 LA drill on back50 SA drill100 Free***Freestyle SwimRound #1: Drills are head-lead kick -- dolphin and flutter Freestyle Swim is 400 free pull with pull buoy and paddles, breathing every 2...every 5.Round #2: Drills are hand-lead kick -- dolphin and flutter Freestyle Swim is 300 pull with pull buoy, breathing every 3.Round #3: Drills are 2L/2R Fly...2L/2R Back...2L/2R Breast Freestyle Swim is 200 free no equipment, at 85% effort. Controlled speed.100 EZ recoveryFINAL SET: VariesFastest lane had time to do:6 X 50 freeOdds: On :50 sendoffEvens: On :40 sendoffMiddle lane had time to do:6 X 25 free with fins, breathing every 4 strokes and SILENT (did this as warmdown)WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2350 to 2550

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