06/08/04 CCB Masters Post-Race Practice

Jun 8, 2004
06/08/04 CCB Masters  Post-Race Practice

Many of the Masters swimmers ran a half marathon over the weekend, or participated in a triathlon, so I wanted to design a practice with no sendoffs, that was easy on the legs, that used a lot of different muscles, and that would still be challenging for those who didn't race. WARMUP: 400400 your choice on your own.MAIN SET: 1800Swim three rounds of the following. The 3 X 100 pull are always done the same way. Don't worry about sendoffs. Just change equipment and go when you're ready to go.1 X 300 with fins, swum as 50 Fly drill + 50 Back drill + 50 Breast drill + 50 Back drill + 100 Free3 X 100 with pull buoy. On the first 100, breathe on your less comfortable side (breathe every 5/every 3 by 25 if you normally breathe every 3). On the second 100, breathe every 3. On the third 100, breathe every 4 on the first 25, every 3 on 2nd 25, every cycle on 3rd 25, and every STROKE on 4th 25.1st round: Fly drill is Single-Arm Fly, with 2 kicks per armstroke Back drill is Single-Arm Back Breast drill is Single-Arm Breast2nd round: Fly drill is 2L/2R Back drill is 2L/2R Breast drill is 2L/2R3rd round: Fly drill is Stoneskipper Back drill is Double-Arm Backstroke, focus on landing hands pinky first, deep, and right above your shoulders. Breast drill is StoneskipperWARMDOWN SET: 2008 X 25 Free, breathing just twice on each 25. Take 5 bobs as recovery between 25s.Total Yardage: 2400

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