06/08/06 Fly Set and Pyramid Set

Jun 8, 2006
06/08/06  Fly Set and Pyramid Set

WARMUP: 650With Zura Alpha fins:50 dolphin50 flutter50 dolphin50 flutter50 dolphin200 free/back250 breast kick, alternating 25 of kick in various positions and 25 of either eggbeater or single-leg breaststroke kick in the same position as the previous length.FLY SET: 600 + 100With Zura Alpha fins, four rounds of the following on :30 sendoff and Tempo Trainer set at 1:70:25 alternate 1 cycle fly... 1 cycle breast25 2L/2R fly... switch to whole-stroke fly25 Karla drill (alternate 1L/1R fly and 2 strokes breast with no breath)25 2L/2R fly...switch to whole-stroke fly25 3 strokes fly... switch to free (3, 5, 7, 9 strokes by round)25 2L/2R fly... switch to whole-stroke fly100 EZ recoveryKICK SET: 450 + 50With Zura Sidekick, 3 rounds of the following. First round on 1:10 sendoff. Rounds two and three on 1:05.50 (25 breast kick + 25 eggbeater)50 (25 breast kick + 25 single leg breast kick)50 breast kick50 EZ recoveryIM PYRAMIDS: 1250No equipment. Three rounds of the following with no break:25 Fly on :3050 Back on 1:0075 Breast on 1:30100 Free on 2:0075 Breast on 1:3050 Back on 1:0025 Fly on :30WARMDOWN: 150 EZ plus 3 starts from the blocksTotal Yardage: 3250

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