06/13/06 UV Rays Masters Freestyle 100s

Jun 13, 2006
06/13/06 UV Rays Masters  Freestyle 100s

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownTRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 free, swimming 3 abreast in each laneWARMUP SET: 450Three rounds (FL, BK, BR):50 kick with pull buoy50 pull with pull buoy50 swimMAIN SET: 1100 + 100 recoverySwim straight through the following. Try to establish a sendoff for the 50s and for the 100s and hold that sendoff throughout. You want to get 15 to 20 seconds rest on the 50s and 20 to 30 seconds rest on the 100s. As a benchmark, our fastest lane went on :30 for the 25s, :60 for the 50s, and 1:45 for the 100s. Try to hold your time steady or do a descend on the 100s free. Fastest lane descended 1:20 to 1:12 or so for the 100s.50 FL100 FR50 BK100 FR50 BR100 FR50 FR100 FR25 FL100 FR25 BK100 FR25 BR100 FR25 FR100 FR100 EZ recoveryPULL SET: 400400 freestyle pull with pull buoy (no paddles), breathing every 2...every 5. Stretch it out and go for distance off the walls.WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2650

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