06/15/06 UV Rays Masters Freestyle 100s Main Set

Jun 15, 2006
06/15/06 UV Rays Masters  Freestyle 100s Main Set

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownTRIATHLON SET: 150This set is a tradition for our Masters Group. Whenever one of our swimmers is headed to an Ironman triathlon, we do this set and make the "Ironman" swim one length of this set in every lane -- so that everyone on the team has a chance to give him/her a hard time (swim-wise, that is). We have two swimmers going to Ironman France next week, so this was their day!6 X 25 freestyle, swimming at least 3 abreast in each lane. Anything goes.SIT-UP SET: 300 + 100 EZPlace enough exercise mats on deck to accomodate half your swimmers. Create two "heats" of swimmers within each lane. Group 1 will be doing 10 situps on the mats while Group 2 swims 1 X 50. Then the two groups switch. Stop when everyone has done 6 X 50 free.With fins: 100 EZ dolphin kick to recover and refocus.MAIN SET: ?????????Wear fins for the entire set. Pick a sendoff that is roughly 1 minute slower than your fastest 100 free time without fins. Then swim continuously through the following -- to failure. When you can no longer make the sendoff, you're done! This set starts out feeling aerobic and ends up very anaerobic. The 100s are freestyle.2 X 100 @ initial sendoff (IS)2 X 100 @ IS minus :102 X 100 @ IS minus :202 X 100 @ IS minus :302 X 100 @ IS minus :402 X 100 @ IS minus :50Etc.Ideally, you want to swim 7 to 10 100s before failure. Our swimmers ended up doing 11 or 12, but this was because they started on too easy a sendoff. Next time we'll adjust!WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: about 2500

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