06/17/03 CCB Masters Stroke-Count Set and Swim Golf

Jun 17, 2003
06/17/03 CCB Masters  Stroke-Count Set and Swim Golf

06/17/03 CCB Masters practice.WARMUP: ???Swim for 5 minutes on your own.WARMUP SET: 40016 X 25, swum in IM order, four times through. Sendoffs by lane: :30/:35/:45STROKE-COUNT SET: 10004 X 25 freestyle at brisk pace. Count strokes on each 25, then take your average count as "N."Sendoffs by lane: :30 per 25/:35 per 25/:40 per 254 rounds of:1 X 25 @ N-2 (your average count minus 2 strokes)1 X 25 @ N-11 X 25 @ N2 rounds of:1 X 50 with both lengths @ N-21 X 50 @ N-11 X 50 @ N4 X 75, with each 75 swum as N-2, N-1, NSWIM-GOLF SET: 600/400/2003 X 50 freestyle Sendoff per lane: 1:05/1:15/1:30Count your total strokes for the 50. Add this to your time in seconds to get your "score." E.g., if your total stroke count is 40 and your time is :40, your score on that 50 is 80. Try to bring down your score on each successive 50. Swim 50 really EZ after the 3 X 50.Fastest lane did three rounds of the above swim-golf set. Middle lane did two rounds. Slower lane did one round.WARMDOWN: ???Swimdown for 5 minutes.Total Yardage: 2000/1800/1600, not including warmup and warmdown

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