06/19/03 400 IMs with Fins and Drills

Jun 19, 2003
06/19/03  400 IMs with Fins and Drills

06/19/03 400 IMs with Fins and DrillsI signed up for an LCM Masters meet yesterday (Wilton, CT) and did something perverse, which is sign up for the 400 IM. Usually the 400 is BEFORE all the breaststroke events and I never get to swim it because I don't want to get tired out, but at this meet it's one of the last events, so I thought whattheheck. So now I've got to get ready. I'm going to ease into this REALLY slowly, with fins and drills.No warmup this morning. I swam 5 X 400, using fins the entire time. I followed the same PATTERN on each 400, but switched the drills on each one so that the drills got progressively more complicated and strenuous. I used this particular pattern because I wanted to practice my transitions from one stroke to another. Here's the pattern:300, swum as 4 X (25 fly drill + 25 back drill + 25 breast drill)100 freestyleI swam this as 400 continuous. I took 30-40 seconds recovery between 400s.1st 400 (Head-Lead): Fly drill = No-Hands SlinkyBack drill = Head-Lead ActiveBreast drill = No-Hands SlinkyFreestyle = Freestyle2nd 400 (Hand-Lead):Fly drill = Hand-Lead SlinkyBack drill = 6-Count BackstrokeBreast drill = Slide to the CornersFree = Free3rd 400 (EZ Combo)Fly drill = StoneskipperBack drill = Alternate Single-Arm Back/Single-Arm FreeBreast drill = StoneskipperFree = Free4th 400 (Combo but more strenuous)Fly drill = Alternate one cycle BD Fly and one cycle BD BreastBack drill = alternate 2 strokes free/1 stroke back on odd 75s; 1 free/2back on even 75sBrast drill = Alternate one cycle BD Breast and one cycle BD FlyFree = Free5th 400 (the real deal)Fly drill = BD FlyBack = BackBreast drill = BD BreastFree = FreeWARMDOWN: 200 EZ swim without flippersTotal Yardage: 2200

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