06/19/03 CCB Masters IM Warmup, then 200s

Jun 19, 2003
06/19/03  CCB Masters  IM Warmup, then 200s

06/19/03 CCB Masters practiceWe did a lot of short intervals and minus-cycle swimming at our last practice, so I wanted to do some longer intervals today, with just a bit of minus-cycle to break things up. It was interesting to see that everyone seemed smoother in their strokes today -- perhaps as a result of focusing on stroke counts and efficiency at the last practice.WARMUP: ???Swim for 5 minutes on your own.IM SET FOR WARMUP (take lots of rest): 600/400Faster lanes did 3 rounds of the following; shower lanes did 2 rounds. The sendoffs given are per lane (fast, middle, slow):1 X 25 fly on :35/:40/:451 X 50 back on 1:10/1:15/1:301 X 50 breast on 1:10/1:15/1:301 X 75 free on 1:40/1:45/2:00MAIN SET: 1500/1200/900Fast lane did 5 rounds of the following, middle lane did 4 rounds, slower lane did 3 rounds:1 X 200 free, except that 7th lap is backstrokeTry to hit T-15 pace. Try to keep same stroke-count pattern on each round.Take 15 to 20 seconds rest after the 200, then do:4 X 25 free at N-2. Recovery between 25s is 3 bobs. Take no more than one minute rest between the last 25 and the start of the next 200.WARMDOWN: 1506 X 25 silent swimming, your choice of stroke(s)Do 5 easy bobs between 25s as recovery.Total Yardage: 2250/1950/1450, not including warmup

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