06/20/06 Coasting, with Some Breast Kick

Jun 20, 2006
06/20/06   Coasting, with Some Breast Kick

Been out for a few days with some kind of allergy/lung-congestion thing, so just went easy and long today.WARMUP: 700With Zura Alpha fins:100 dolphin100 flutter100 dolphin200 free/back working on extension of hands front to backWith Zura Sidekick:200 mix of breast kick, eggbeater, and single-leg breastBACKSTROKE SET: 5005 X 100 back on 2:10 sendoff. On each 100:1st 25 = L arm2nd 25 = R arm3rd 25 = 2L/2R4th 25 = whole stroke5th 100 was all whole strokeWorking on starting first pull while I'm a bit deeper than usual, to keep hands/arms from trapping air before the first pull.BREAST KICK SET: 500 + 50With regular kickboard.100s breast kick on 2:15 sendoff. Go until you can't descend any longer [went 5 of them: 1:50...1:44...1:40...1:35...1:35]50 EZ recoveryPULL SET: 600With pull buoy, do a continuous pull of 50 back...50 breast breathing every 2...50 free breathing every 2/every 3 and extending front/back with hands.KICK SET: 200With Zura Sidekick:200 mix of breast kick, eggbeater, and single-leg breast kickKICK SET: 200With fins:8 X 25 dolphin kick on back on :30odds: start fast to the 12.5, then shut downevens: start EZ, then fast for final 12.5WARMDOWN: 200With fins: alternate EZ free working on extension/25 dolphin kick on back3 starts from the blocksTotal Yardage: 3000

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