06/22/06 CCB Masters 200s Holding Time and Stroke Count

Jun 22, 2004
06/22/06 CCB Masters  200s Holding Time and Stroke Count

READ THE ENTIRE WORKOUT BEFORE YOU START!WARMUP: 400Approximately 400 yards (10 minutes) EZ warmup on your own.MAIN SET: 4 X 25 Free at BRISK pace @ :10 Rest IntervalCount strokes and take your average as "N."Then...swim 6 rounds of the following (slower lane can do 4 or 5 rounds):1 X 200 Free, trying to hold your "N" stroke count for as many lengths as possible into the 200. Swim the 7th length of each 200 as BACKSTROKE!Take just a brief rest (10 to 15 seconds or until last person in lane finishes his 200) and then swim4 X 25 Free at "N" minus 2. These are recovery 25s. Stretch them out and take 4 to 5 bobs between each 25. After the 4th 25, wait until everyone in your lane has finished, then start right in on the next 200.Your main goal on this set is to hold your stroke count on the 200s, and to hit N minus 2 on the 25s. Your secondary goal is to hold your 200 times steady, or even to descend them throughout the set. WARMDOWN: At least 100 EZ.Total Yardage: 2400

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