06/24/03 CCB Masters 200 IMS with Substitutions

Jun 24, 2003
06/24/03  CCB Masters 200 IMS with Substitutions

06/24/03 CCB Masters practice 200 IMS with SubstitutionsThis is T-15 week for June, so I wanted to have a practice that was relatively easy, and easy to slip in and out of when it's time for each swimmer to do his/her T-15.WARMUP: ???5 minutes swim on your ownMAIN SET:With fins.12 X 200 IM (FLY, BACK, BREAST, FREE), except that you will substitute the following for all of the breast and fly laps:1st 200: Head-Lead Body Dolphin (No-Hands Slinky)2nd 200: Hand-Lead Body Dolphin3rd 200: Stoneskipper4th 200: Body-Dolphin Breaststroke5th 200: Head-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back6th 200: Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back7th through 12th 200: Repeat the above sequence.Total Yardage: 2400, not including warmup

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