06/27/03 IM Outdoor Practice

Jun 28, 2003
06/27/03  IM Outdoor Practice

06/27/03 IM Outdoor PracticeI'm back in my hometown of Wooster, OH, this weekend, and they have a terrific 50-meter outdoor pool, with 5 lanes (25-yard lanes) always set up for lap swimming. This is my first outdoor pool swim of the summer, and it felt GREAT to be squinting into the sun and be blown all over the lane from the wind. I wanted to get in an IM practice that focused on transitioning from one stroke to another. So instead of doing straight 400 IMs (my target race at a meet next month), I did multiple transition within each 400, but always with 100 free at the end of each 400. I wore fins for the entire practice.No warmup today, since my first set is EZ and kind of like a warmup.FIRST MAIN SET: 2400With fins.6 X 400 IM, swum in the following pattern:4 X (25 back + 25 breast + 25 free) + 100 freeNo particular sendoff, just go again when you feel rested.The set of 400s increases in aerobic difficulty -- EZ to strenuous. On each of the 400s, the final 100 free is straight freestyle (no drills). But for the other strokes you will be using drills, as follows:1st 400 use all head-lead drills.2nd 400 use all hand-lead drills.3rd 400 use all combo drills4th 400 use all combo drills, but more strenuous ones than in last 400.5th 400 use Hip-Delay Fly, 2Left/2Right Backstroke/Breast with Dolphin/Free6th 400 use Body-Dolphin Fly, Backstroke, Breast with Dolphin/Free100 EZMAIN SET #2: 1000With fins.10 X 100 IM, on a decreasing sendoff:3 @ 2:003 @ 1:553 @ 1:501 @ 1:45Try to hold the same time on each 100, even though the sendoff gets tighter. I held 1: 32 to 1:28.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZTotal Yardage: 3500

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