06/28/03 Breast/IM Practice

Jun 28, 2003
06/28/03  Breast/IM Practice

06/28/03 Breast/IM PracticeI'm back in my home town of Wooster, OH, this weekend to visit by Dad, and the swimming is GREAT in Wooster. It's a town of just 25,000 people, but the high school has a 50-meter indoor pool with lots of overhead and side windows. It's almost like swimming outdoors. Awesome. Went there for a swim this morning. I wanted to do a breaststroke practice, but combine this with some IM work -- working on my transitions from breast to free, and then from back to breast to free.WARMUP: 400With fins.400 IM alternating 25 drill/25 swim, with the drills all head-lead drills.MAIN SETS: 750 + 750 + 750 + 500 = 2750BREAST/FREE SET #1With fistgloves.Twice through the following kick sequence (250 total), with no stoppinh. Basically, you're kicking breaststroke in every possible position.25 UnderWater Breast Kick25 Hand-Lead BR Kick on Your Back25 Hand-Lead BR Kick on Your Stomach25 Head-Lead BR Kick on Your Back25 Head-Leaed BR Kick on Your Stomach5 X 100 on 2:00 sendoff, swum as25 BR Drill25 Breast50 Free1st 100 drill = UW Breast Kick2nd 100 drill = One Up/Two Down Breast3rd 100 drill = Body-Dolphin Breast4th 100 drill = Double Body-Dolphin Breast5th 100 drill = Breast, breathe every other strokeMy times descended from 1:40 to 1:35.Breast/Free Set #2With nekked hands, repeat Set #1.My times descended from 1:37 to 1:32Breast/Free Set #3With Zura paddles, repeat Set #1My times descended from 1:35 to 1:2950 EZBack/Breast/Free Set5 X 100 on 2:00 sendoff, swum as follows:25 Backstroke drill (2 strokes left arm/2 strokes right arm)25 Backstroke25 Breast25 FreeMy times descended from 1:33 to 1:29WARMDOWN: 300EZ with fins...100 of backstroke drills100 of breaststroke drills100 of freestyle drillsTotal Yardage: 3500

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