06/28/05 CCB Masters Sculls, Combos, Focus

Jun 28, 2005
06/28/05  CCB Masters  Sculls, Combos, Focus

TUESDAY, JUNE 21WARMUP: Approx. 40010 minutes your choice, on your ownTRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 FreestyleOdds: Start with porpoise divesEvens: End with porpoise divesMAIN SET: 2000300 with pull buoy, alternating 25 kick/25 scull/25 swim. You can do this in any stroke, or you can do it in IM order, e.g., 25 dolphin kick/25 butterfly scull/25 fly, etc.8 X 50 on approx. :20 RIFirst length of each 50 is combo (alternate 4 strokes back/3 strokes free)Second length of each 50 is freestyle on odd 50s; backstroke on even 50s.300 swim, alternating 50 Back/50 Free Focus on flipping straight over on turns. If you don’t usually do flip turns, use this swim to try a few, especially going from Free to Back. 16 X 25 with fins, swum as four rounds of:25 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back25 Freestyle with dolphin kick25 Body-Dolphin Breast25 FAST Freestyle with flutter kick300 Freestyle with pull buoy, focus on tight streamline off each wall and take at least one stroke before your first breath. 4 X 75 with fins, your choice of stroke (or back/breast/free) Build each 75, from EZ 25/ moderate 25/FAST final 25.MINI SET FOR FASTEST LANE IF TIME:4/6/8 X 25 silent swim your choice of stroke. Take 5 bobs recovery between 25s.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZTotal Yardage: Approx. 2600

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