06/29/06 UV Rays Masters IM Sets

Jun 29, 2006
06/29/06 UV Rays Masters  IM Sets

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownTRIATHLON SIGHTING SET: 1004 X 25Swim half the length breaststroke with head out of water and sighting on the farthest point on the deck. Switch to freestyle at midpool. Sometimes in a triathlon you have to swim breast with your head out to sight the next buoy or to REALLY get your bearings.WARMUP IM SET: 500With fins, swim twice through the following. First time through, the kicking is all head lead. Second time through the kick is hand lead. Take a short break after the first 250.50 dolphin kick on stomach50 flutter kick on back50 dolphin kick on back100 free IM SET: 800 + 10016 X 50 on one sendoff that works for everything. Our fastest lane used 1:00. Next lane 1:05 and another lane 1:10. On the fly, you can swim whole stroke or you can drill or you can do 3 strokes fly swith to free. Don't let yourself slip into struggle on the fly. Swim the 50s as:FL/FLFL/BKBK/BRBR/FRFL/BKBK/BKBK/BRBR/FRFL/BKBK/BRBR/BRBR/FRFL/BKBK/BRBR/FRFR/FR100 EZ recoveryTRIATHLON SIGHTING SET: 1004 X 25 freestyle. Each time you breathe, try to sight on the farthest thing you can see -- out the window, bulletin boards on walls, lifeguard, clock, etc. The idea is to simulate an open-water race where you would be swimming along the shore and sighting along the shore.PULL SET: 400400 freestyle pull with buoy but no paddles. Breathe every 2...every 5. Focus on extending hands front and rear.WARMDOWN: 50 to 100 EZTotal Yardage: approx. 2500

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