06/30/03 IM Practice

Jul 21, 2003
06/30/03  IM Practice

06/03/0306/30/03 IM Practice with Barth The Wooster Masters team usually works out at 5 am in a long-course outdoor pool, but it was thundering and lightning this morning, so we moved indoors to the high school 25-yard pool. The only other person to show up was Barth, an old swim buddy. Here’s what we did.WARMUP: 400 EZ, all strokes with finsIM SET #1: 1000With fins! 10 X 100 IM1st 3 on 2:00Next 3 on 1:55Next 3 on 1:50Last 100 on 1:45100 EZ4 X 100 breaststroke (freestyle for Barth)1st 2 on 2:003rd 100 on 1:554th 100 on 1:50Urgh. Held 1:37 to 1:38 on all of these, at 9 strokes per lap.100 EZIM SET #2: 600Three rounds of the following, all 50s on 1:00 sendoff:. No breaks between rounds. My goal was to practice transitions between all the strokes, and to get in some 50 breaststrokes, which is an event I’ll be racing this summer.4 X 50FL/BKBK/BRBR/BRBR/FR100 EZSPEED SET: 1004 X 25 breaststroke on :30 sendoff, trying to hold :20 for each 25.I held :21 on these. Took 8 strokes on 1st 25, 9 on 2nd 25, 10 on 3rd, 11 on 4th. Was focusing on increasing my turnover but still maintaining good form.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ free/backTotal Yardage: 3000

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