06/30/06 3000 All Equipment Except the Warmdown

Jul 1, 2006
06/30/06   3000 All Equipment Except the Warmdown

Am in my hometown of Wooster, OH this weekend, and get to swim in their beautiful indoor pool! It's one of those pools where you just want to keep swimming and swimming.WARMUP: 700With Zura Alpha fins:80 dolphin on stomach80 flutter on back80 dolphin on back200 free/backWith Zura Sidekick:200 breast kick with single leg and eggbeaterFLY SET: 600 + 100With Zura Alpha fins, four times through the following on :30 sendoff, no breaks:25 cycle breast/cycle fly25 2L/2R fly...switch to fly25 Karla drill25 2L/2R fly...switch to fly25 3 strokes fly, switch to free25 2L/2R fy...switch to fly100 EZ recoveryPULL SET: 400 + 400 + 100With pull buoy, no paddles400 freestyle pull breathing every 2...every 3 except that 3rd length of every 100 is breast pull breathing every other strokeWith fins and strapless paddles, twice through:4 X 25 breast arms, dolphin kick2 X 25 drop the paddles and repeatWith pull buoy and strapless paddles:4 X 25 breast pull2 X 25 drop the paddles and repeat100 EZ recoveryKICK SET: 5005 X 100 breast kick with standard kickboard on 2:15 sendoff, descend [went 1:48...1:43...1:40...1:35...1:32]WARMDOWN: 200 EZTotal Yardage: 3000

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