07/01/04 CCB Masters Combos

Jul 1, 2004
07/01/04 CCB Masters  Combos

WARMUP: 400400 your choice on your own.MAIN SET #1: 1200Swim 4 rounds of the following. Keep track of your times on the 100s and try to descend them throughout the set.50 LA Combo (alternate 4 strokes Back and 3 strokes Free)50 Free/Back50 Back/Free50 Back100 FreeMAIN SET #2: 800With fins.Swim 4 rounds of the following (slower lanes might have time for only 3 rounds):50 Stoneskipper (altnerate two Hand-Lead Body Dolphins and 2 Head-Lead Body Dolphins)50 SA Combo (alternate one stroke Fly and one stroke Breast)50 Single-Arm Fly (25 Left Arm/25 Right Arm)50 Body-Dolphin BreastWAMRDOWN: 200200 EZTotal Yardage: 2600

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