07/05/05 Breaststroke Kick & Drill Practice

Jul 5, 2005
07/05/05  Breaststroke Kick & Drill Practice

WARMUP: 900With Zura Alpha Fins:100 Head-Lead Drill IM100 Hand-Lead Drill IM250 Single-Arm IM (100 free)250 2L/2R IM (100 free200 EZ breast kick in various positions to warmup the kneesKICK SET: 500 + 100 EZ free5 X 100 breast kick on 2:30 with 7 Rocket Launchers before each 100. Descend, but with same "kick-count" pattern on each 100. [Went from 1:55 to 1:45.)DRILL SET: 50010 X 50 drill/swim breast on 2:00 sendoff, but this includes approx. 45 seconds of crunches before each 50. Do double pull-down at the start of each 50. Descend [went :48 to :43.] Focus was on keeping toes pointed and overlapped into the pull cycle.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZ freeTotal Yardage: 2100

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