07/07/06 10 X 200 Inside Out Rolls

Jul 8, 2006
07/07/06  10 X 200 Inside Out Rolls

Did this in a 20-yard pool. WARMUP: 640With Zura Alpha fins:80 dolphin kick80 flutter80 dolphin200 free/back200 breast kick with Zura Sidekick, alternating breast, eggbeater, single legMAIN SET: 2000Straight through, no breaks. Breast/Back inside-out roll -- on the first 5 X 200, you do mostly breaststroke, with a 40 backstroke that "floats" through the series as described below. On the second 5 X 200, you do mostly backstroke, with a 40 breast that "floats."10 X 200 on 4:00 sendoff, descend 1-10#1 1st 40 is backstroke, rest is breast#2 2nd 40 is backstroke#3 3rd 40 is backstroke#4 4th 40 is backstroke#5 5th 40 is backstroke#6 1st 40 is breaststroke, rest is back#7 2nd 40 is breast#8 3rd 40 is breast#9 4th 40 is breast#10 5th 40 is breast[Times descended from 3:20 to 3:03.]WARMDOWN: 400400 pull with pull buoy, alternating 80 free and 40 breastTotal Yardage: 3000

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