07/20/06 Three Descend Sets: 100s, 75s, 50s

Jul 20, 2006
07/20/06  Three Descend Sets: 100s, 75s, 50s

Just starting to taper for FINA worlds, with first event 16 days away.WARMUP: 700With Zura Alpha fins:100 dolphin on stomach100 flutter on back100 dolphin on back200 EZ free/back200 EZ breast kick all positionsKICK SET: 500 + 200In this set you descend time.5 X 100 breast kick on standard kickboard on 2:15 sendoff. Descend [went 1:47...1:45...1:40...1:35...1:34]100 EZ pull -- backstroke and freestyleDRILL SET: 450 + 250In this set you descend time and ascend stroke rate.6 X 75 on 2:00 sendoff First 2 lengths of each 75 are 2 Down/1 Up (Breast with an Extra Kick). Third length of each 75 is regular breaststroke. I used a Tempo Trainer on this set, and cranked down the beep interval by .05 second on each 75 until doing so didn't produce a faster time. At that point, I went back UP on the beep interval to the setting that produced the fastest time. Times and TT were:#1: TT 1:75 1:15 time#2: TT 1:70 1:12 time#3: TT 1:65 1:10 time#4: TT 1:60 1:05 time#5: TT 1:55 1:08 time#6: TT 1:60 1:05 time250 EZ pull -- back and freeBREAST SET: 450 + 250In this set, you descend the sendoff and try to maintain time.9 X 50 whole-stroke breast with a pull buoy on a sendoff that gives you approx. 15 seconds rest on the first 3, then 5 or less seconds on the final 3.1-3 @ 1:00 sendoff and 8 strokes per length [held :45]4-6 @ :55 sendoff and 9 strokes per length [held 46/47]7-9 @ :50 sendoff and 10 strokes per length [held 46/45]250 EZ pull - free and back3 starts from the blocks with a 25 fast, then EZ 25 back to the blocksTotal Yardage: 3000

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