07/21/04 Stretch the Pool

Jul 21, 2004
07/21/04  Stretch the Pool

Here's the practice I did this morning in my local 20-yard pool. I actually like swimming in this short pool. It reminds me of the YMCA pool where I first began swimming. Also, it's the perfect length for using a swim tether.WARMUP: 600With fins. Alternate 20 Fly drill/20 Back drill/20 Breast Drill for 480 yards, then finish with 120 Freestyle.KICK SET: 600200 Breast Kick, alternating positions by 20: underwater, hand-lead back/stomach, head-lead back/stomach10 X 40, with 8 Rocket Launchers before each 40Odds: Either breast kick or flutter kick on back, with pull buoy between legsEvens: Sculling, using a different scull position/pattern on each 40TETHER SET: 2404 X 40 Breast with swim tether, taking approx. 10 bobs recovery between 40s. (First 20 is against the tether; second 20 is assisted.)1 X 80 Breast with tetherKICK SET: 200Repeat the first part of the above kick set.TETHER SET: 240Repeat the above tether set.WARMDOWN: 120EZ Free/BackTotal Yardage: 2000

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