07/22/04 CCB Masters Phelps Practice Again

Jul 22, 2004
07/22/04 CCB Masters  Phelps Practice Again

This is a practice that appeared in the most recent issue of Men's Journal. It was written by Bob Bowman, Michael Phelps's coach. I've given this to several groups of swimmers, and have swum it several times myself, and I REALLY like it (so do the other swimmers). We did it again this morning.WARMUP: 400400 your choice on your own.WARMUP SET: 300Two times through:50 Kick50 Pull (or Scull)50 SwimTake 10 to 15 seconds rest between 50s.MAIN SET: 1000Swim the following ladder. Strokes are choice or IM, and you can switch strokes throughout, but I recommend that you swim the 50s the same, the 100s the same, etc., so that you can compare your times going up the ladder and coming down. On the way up, swim at an EZ to moderate pace. Stay relaxed. Take 30 seconds rest between swims. On the way down, swim at a fast but controlled pace. You should be at least at your anaerobic threshold. Again, take 30 seconds rest between each swim. 50100 (Breast: 1:35)150200 (Breast: 3:15)50 Recovery200 (Breast: 3:05)150100 (Breast: 1:28)50 (Breast: :42)PULL SET: 300Pull 300 Freestyle with pull buoy. Try to take just 4 breaths per length --staying relaxed helps. This is really tough. I could manage just 5 to 6 breaths per length.SPRINT SET: 1506 X 25Odds: All-out, your choice of strokeEvens: EZ recovery, your choiceWARMDOWN: 100100 EZTotal Yardage: Approx. 2500

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