07/22/06 Tempo Trainer Sets

Jul 22, 2006
07/22/06  Tempo Trainer Sets

WARMUP: 800With Zura Alpha fins:100 dolphin100 flutter100 dolphin on back200 free/back200 breast kick, including eggbeater and single leg100 flutter kick on backBACKSTROKE SET: 200 + 500200 backstroke pull with TT set at 1:35 (slow pace)5 X 100 backstroke on 2:00#1: TT set at 1:30#2: TT set at 1:25etc. to TT at 1:15Descend time [1:38 down to 1:33]FREESTYLE SET: 200 + 500200 free with TT at 1:20 (slow pace)5 X 100 free on 2:00 sendoff#1: TT set at 1:15#2: TT set at 1:10etc. down to :95Descend time [ 1:25 to 1:22]BREAST/FREE SET: 200 + 400200 breast pull, breathing every other stroke4 X 100 with pull buoy on 2:00Swim these as 25 whole-stroke breast + 50 free + 25 whole-stroke breast. All with pull buoy.Hold time for 3 X 100...descend the last one. [1:30...1:29]WARMDOWN: 200200 freestyle pull, breathing every 3Total Yardage: 3000

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