07/28/04 CCB Masters 4-3-2-1

Jul 29, 2004
07/28/04  CCB Masters  4-3-2-1

Several of our swimmers -- those with Half Ironman triathlons coming up next month -- did a timed mile swim this morning. The others did the following:WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownMAIN SET: 2000 (or 2150)Don't worry about your sendoffs on this set. Just change equipment as quickly as you can and then go again on the next item. The Freestyle swims are without equipment.400 Freestyle400 Single-Arm "IM," with fins. Swim single-arm version of Fly, Back, and Breast. Swim normal Freestyle.300 Freestyle300 2L/2R "IM," with fins. Swim 2L/2R on Fly, Back, and Breast. Swim normal Free.200 Freestyle200 IM with fins100 Freestyle100 IM with fins50 Freestyle4 X 25 in IM order (no fins)WARMDOWN: 200Total Yardage: approx. 2600

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