07/28/05 CCB Masters IM Practice, Nothing Longer than a 50

Jul 28, 2005
07/28/05 CCB Masters  IM Practice, Nothing Longer than a 50

We've been doing a lot of all-freestyle practices lately, so I wanted to mix things up a little today.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your own.TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 freestyle @ :10 RI. On each 25, stop halfway down the pool and tread water for 5 seconds, then resume swimming without pushing off the bottom. Good practice for when you have to stop and start during a crowded triathlon. IM SET #1: 800We did this with fins, but you can do it without fins.16 X 50 as follows. Choose a sendoff that gives you 20 to 25 seconds rest and stick to that sendoff for the entire set. Choose one focus point per stroke. We used 2 kicks per stroke on FL. Shoulder rotation on BK. Steady head on BR. Goggle in during the breath on FR.FL/FLFL/BKBK/BRBR/FRFL/BKBK/BKBK/BRBR/FRFL/BKBK/BRBR/BRBR/FRFL/BKBK/BRBR/FRFR/FRMED BALL/PULL BUOY SETWe divided into two groups of 6 and went to the deep end. One group did Med-Ball Pass for 4 minutes while the other group stood on the pull buoys for 4 minutes. Once you're able to balance well on the pull buoy, try to rotate the pull buoy without using your hands. If you can do that, try to balance on one foot, then the other. After 4 minutes, the groups switched.IM SET #2: 400/500Fastest lane did 5 or the following; other lanes did 4 X 100.5 X 100 IM broken as follows:Swim 25 FLY. When the last person in your lane comes in, first person starts a 50 of BK/BR. The 50s were on 1:00 sendoff for fastest lane; 1:05 and 1:10 for other lanes. Then swim 25 FR. Swim the 25s FR in one fewer stroke each time through.WARMDOWN: 100 to 300, depending on time.Total Yardage: 1700 to 2000 plus med ball and pull buoy balance

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