07/29/06 Change of Plans

Jul 29, 2006
07/29/06  Change of Plans

Did this in a 20-yard pool that has only 1 lane line. Had planned to do 3 sets of the tether portion, but there was a people hatch at the pool and I had to change the plan because it's just too dangerous (and kinda rude) to use a tether when there's a lot of people on deck and in the pool.WARMUP: 600No fins.40 dolphin40 flutter40 dolphin280 EZ swim, free and back200 breast kick all positions, no equipmentKICK SET: 40010 X 40 kick with 7 Rocket Launchers before each 40. Alternated:Eggbeater Single legBreast with an extra kickTETHER SET: 200 equiv.1 X 40: eggbeater resisted for 20 yards, turn, swim breast assisted for 20 yards1 X 40: resisted breast for 20, turn, assisted breast for 201 X 80 breast on the tetherPULL SET: 240240 with pull buoy, alternating 40 free and 40 breastTURN SET: 200This is a shallow pool. Did 200, walking to within 5 yards of the wall, then porpoise and flutter into the wall to build speed. Do a race-pace turn and pullout, then shut down and walk the rest of the way to the other end and repeat. PULL SET: 200200 pull, alternating free/breastSPEED SET: 480Twice through:6 X 40 on 1:10 sendoff, swimming ALL OUT, but with relaxed exhale and relaxed shoulders on the first 20 and through the turn, then EZ back to the starting point.#1 and #2: Backstroke#3 and #4: Breast#5 and #6: FreePULL SET: 400400 pull, alternating 40 back...40 breast...40 freeTotal Yardage: 2720

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