07/30/04 Breaststroke Tether Practice

Jul 30, 2004
07/30/04  Breaststroke Tether Practice

I did this practice in a 20-yard pool (ideal for tether work), but you could do the same thing in a 25-yard pool, although it will be tougher to get the tether to stretch that extra 5 yards. If you're in a 25-yard pool, maybe do a few less repeats per set.WARMUP: 600600 EZ, alternating backstroke, freestyle, and some breaststroke kickingTETHER SET #1: 2404 X 40 breaststroke with tether + 1 X 80 breaststroke with tether. You're swimming against the tether on the first length, and are assisted by the tether on the second length. The first length builds strength, and lets you focus on perfect body position on breakouts and on each kick and pull. The trick is to streamline. On the second length, don't do a pullout. Just start swimming and try to keep good technique, even though your stroke RATE will be high. When the tether goes slack, maintain your rate to the end of the length. I take 10 to 15 bobs as recovery between swims.EQUIPMENT SET: 400With fins and paddles: 200, alternating 20 Underwater Breast with Body Dolphin and 20 Body-Dolphin Breast on the surface. Focus on Eyes Down Below.With pull buoy: 200, alternating 20 breast kick (with pull buoy) on your back and 20 breaststroke (with pull buoy), focusing on outsweep and insweep.TETHER SET #2: 240Repeat Tether Set #1.EQUIPMENT SET #2: 320Repeat Equipment Set #1, except that you do 2 X 160 rather than 2 X 200.TETHER SET #3: 240Repeat Tether Set #1.EQUIPMENT SET #3: 240Repeat Equipment Set #1, except that you do 2 X 120 rather than 2 X 200.KICK SET: 1602 X 80 Breast kick with a board, with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 80. On the first 80, take as many kicks as you can per length -- while still staying smooth and while still getting the hips up and over. On the second 80, takes as few kicks as you can per length. Same deal. I average 11 kicks on the 1st; 9 on the second.RATE SET: 802 X 40, swum as 20 Fast-Hands Breast with Dolphin Kick + 20 Breaststroke, focusing on fast hands and insweep. Take 15 bobs as recovery between 40s. Swim these aggressively.WARMDOWN: 240 EZ free/backTotal Yardage: 2760

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