07/31/03 CCB Masters Increase Speed and Stroke Rate

Jul 18, 2003
07/31/03  CCB Masters Increase Speed and Stroke Rate

07/31/03 CCB Masters PracticeOn Tuesday, we worked on the expanding your gear box of LOW gears for freestyle. Today we'll work on expanding the HIGH end of the gear box.WARMUP: ?Swim for 5 minutes on your own.FOCUS SET: 450Take 3 or 4 bobs as recovery betwen each of the following 25s freestyle.3 X 25 focus on hiding your head3 X 25 focus on piercing the water with your entry hand3 X 25 focus on reaching full extension on each stroke3 X 25 swim downhill by looking down and leaning in3 X 25 focus on streamline and maximum distance off each wall3 X 25 first one fast, second one faster, third one REALLY FASTMAIN SET: 1500/1250/1000Fast lane swims 6 times through the following set. Middle lane 5 times through. Slower lane 4 times through.Fast lane sendoffs: 1:45 for 75s/ 1:00 for 50s/ :30 for 25sMiddle lane sendoffs: 2:00 for 75s/ 1:10 for 50s/ :35 for 25sSlower lane sendoffs: 2:15 for 75s/ 1:30 for 50s/ :45 for 25s1 X 75 (25 Head-Lead on Your Back Side to Side + 25 6-Count Back + 25 4-Count Back)2 X 50 Swim 2nd 50 faster than the 1st 503 X 25 1st one fast/ 2nd one faster/ 3rd one REALLY FASTWARMDOWN: 100+Total Yardage: 2050/1800/1550, not including warmup

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