08/02/04 Breaststroke Practice in 20-Yard Pool

Aug 3, 2004
08/02/04   Breaststroke Practice in 20-Yard Pool

WARMUP: 600With fins.Alternate 20 SA drill with 20 LA drill for 480 yards, then 100 Freestyle. Start with basic head-lead drills and progress to more complex drills.MAIN SET: 1560Swim three rounds of the following. Don't worry about sendoff. Just change equipment and go.1 X 80 with fins and paddles, alternating 20 Underwater Breast with Dolphin Kick and 20 Body-Dolphin Breast on the surface. Focus on big outsweep and insweep.1 X 80 with pull buoy, alternating 20 Breast Kick on Your Back and 20 Breast1 X 80 with fins and paddles, as above1 X 80 with pull buoy, as above3 X 40 breast with swim tether, focus on streamlining on first two strokes after pullout, and EZ speed on the assisted lengths. Also focus on big, fast insweep.1 X 80 breast with swim tetherKICK SET: 36040 EZ swim4 X 80 Breast Kick with kickboard, doing 10 Rocket Launchers before each 80. On the first 40 of each 80, take as many kick as you can while still getting the hips up and over. On the back 40, take as few kicks as you can, getting hips up and over. I went 11 and 9.WARMDOWN: 8080 EZ free/backTotal Yardage: 2600

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