08/03/04 Breaststroke Taper Practice

Aug 3, 2004
08/03/04  Breaststroke Taper Practice

WARMUP: 500400 with fins, alternating 25 SA drill and 25 LA drill for 300, then 100 Freestyle. Drills start with basic head-lead and progress to more complex drills.100 EZ breast kick without fins.MAIN SET #1: 600 + 200With no break, swim:2 X 200 Breast on 4:00 sendoff (went 3:11/3:06)2 X 100 Breast on 2:00 sendoff (went 1:29/1:29)My focus throughout the set was to super-streamline on my first stroke after the pullouts, and to keep my cadence quick but easy, i.e., I was trying not to glide so much, but to make the additional strokes feel effortless (they weren't...I built up incredible lactic acid by the end of the set... but that's the concept). I took 7 and 8 strokes per length on the first 200, then 9 and 10 spl on the second 200. On the 100s, I went 9 and 10 spl on the first 100 and 10 and 11 spl on the second 100.200 EZ recovery with pull buoyMAIN SET #2: 400 + 1008 X 50Odds: Breast kick on back, holding pull buoy between legs, with 8 Rocket Launchers before each.Evens: Breaststroke, focusing on relaxed, easy speed and quick turnover. (went 42...40...41...40)100 EZMAIN SET #3: 100 + 1004 X 25 Breast on :35 sendoff (went 20...19...20...19)100 EZ warmdown4 starts from the blocksTotal Yardage: 2000

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