08/03/04 CCB Masters IM and Choice Practice

Aug 3, 2004
08/03/04 CCB Masters  IM and Choice Practice

WARMUP: 400400 your choice on your own.MAIN SET: 1600The main event in this set is the 100s, 75s, 50s, and 25s. Use the inbetween stuff as EZ, thoughtful recovery. Try to descend your times on the 100s, 75s, 50s, and 25s. The fast lane did 50 yards more of each of the recovery segments, so that we'd stay together as a group.1 X 50 kick on your back with pull buoy between legs. Your choice of kick. 4 X 100 your choice or IM @ approx. :20 RI. Descend.1 X 100 with pull buoy, alternating 25 kick on your back and 25 swim. Your choice throughout.4 X 75 with fins @ approx. :20 RI. Swim these as FL/BK/BR...BK/BR/FR...FL/BK/BR...BK/BR/FR1 X 150 Freestyle with fins, rotating through 4 strokes Fingertip Drag, 4 strokes High-Elbow Recovery, 4 strokes Overarm Recovery4 X 50 @ approx. :20 RI. Your choice or IM order 1 X 200 Freestyle Lungbuster (with pull buoy). Breathe as often as you want on odd lengths. Breathe every 3 on first even length, 5 on second even length, 7...9....8 X 25 your choice or IM orderOdds: FAST for timeEvens: EZ EZ recovery back to the other end.WARMDOWN SET: 300With fins.300 flutter kick on your back with one arm extended in streamline. On first length, you can take 1 stroke of backstroke. On second length, take 2 strokes. On third length, 3 strokes, etc., up to 12 strokes on the final length. You can take the strokes anywhere you want during the length.Total Yardage: 2500/2300

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