08/04/04 Breaststroke Tether Again -- 20-Yard Pool

Aug 4, 2004
08/04/04  Breaststroke Tether Again -- 20-Yard Pool

It seems incongruous to be training for an LCM meet in a 20-yard pool, but what can you do? Tether! I actually like training in my local, 4-lane, 20-yard pool with no gutters, high walls and one lane line. I figure if I can deal with all waves and backwash and still keep my stroke smooth, I'll feel GREAT once I get to a competition pool. WARMUP: 600480 yards, alternating 20 of any short-axis drill and 20 of Backstroke. Then 120 EZ Freestyle.MAIN SET: 1680Swim two rounds of the following:200 with fins and paddles, alternating 20 of Underwater Breast with Dolphin Kick and 20 Body-Dolphin Breast on the surface. Focus on wide outsweep and powerful insweep.180 with pull buoy, alternating 20 of Breast Kick on my back and 20 Breast, focusing on powerful insweep.120 with kickboard, taking 11 kicks per length for 40 yards, then 10 kicks pl for 40 yards, then 9 kicks pl for 40 yards80 with pull buoy, alternating 20 Breast scull and 20 Breast, focusing on powerful outsweep and insweep.40 Breast with loose paddles (just hold them against your palm), focusing on big insweep.4 X 40 Breast with tether, taking about 20 bobs between swims, then 1 X 80 Breast with tether. Focus today was on getting hands right above surface on recovery, and big insweep.WARMDOWN: 120120 EZ Free and BackTotal Yardage: 2400

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