08/04/05 CCB Masters Focus IM Practice

Aug 4, 2005
08/04/05 CCB Masters  Focus IM Practice

This is a good practice to work on drills -- and to COACH drills. I was able to stop the group or a lane after each of the 25s and give critiques or instruction, but then they got to do some SWIMMING, with a revisit of the drill during the swimming.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownMAIN SET: 1200With flippers for the entire set.Swim four rounds of the following:3 X 25 drill (1st round is FL drill, 2nd round is BK drill, 3rd round is BR drill, 4th round is FR drill)1 X 75 1 X 150, swum as 100 IM plus 50 Free. On the IM, drill the stroke that you were drilling on the 3 X 25. PULL SET #1: 200With pull buoy. 1 X 200 Freestyle pull. Bump up your normal breathing pattern by one stroke. Our focus on the freestyle drill in main set was to breathe with one goggle in the water and looking back (low head position), so we carried this focus over into the 200 pull.BACKSTROKE SET: 200With fins.1 X 200, alternating 25 of 2L/2R backstroke and 25 backstroke. Focus throughout is body rotation and showing both shoulders.PULL SET #2: 200With pull buoy and Zura paddles.1 X 200 Freee. Use your normal breathing pattern, but focus again on low head during the breath.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZTotal Yardage: 2300

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