08/05/04 CCB Masters Freestyle Focus...then Speed

Aug 5, 2004
08/05/04  CCB Masters  Freestyle Focus...then Speed

When I swim by myself, my favorite type of practice is one where I swim several hundred yards, often drills with various kinds of equipment, THINKING about one or two aspects of my stroke. Then, I take off the equipment and crank out a few intervals, usually a short, descend set, in which I try to incorporate into my stroke all the things I was working on with the drills and equipment. I repeat this sequence of focused swimming...then speed, two or more times in a given practice. I don't usually give this kind of a practice to my Masters team, mostly because I think they're a bit more interested in cranking out yardage. But today I thought I'd try it...and they really enjoyed the practice.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your own.MAIN SET: 1600Swim twice through the following. At the end of the first round, do the 3 X 100. At the end of the second round, do the 6 X 50. The main event on each round is the descend swims at the end. All of the other swims with equipment are meant as preliminaries -- time to focus on one or more aspects of your stroke. On the descend swims, try to pick just one or two of the focus points to carry you through.1 X 200 with fins and paddles, alternating 25 Single-Switch Freestyle and 25 Freestyle, focusing on sending the hand/paddle straight forward and then anchoring before you start the pull.1 X 150 with pull buoy, alternating 25 flutter kick on your back, rotating from side to side (hands at sides) and 25 Freestyle, using flutter kick even though you're still holding the pull buoy between your legs. Focus on pointing the toes and keeping the kick narrow.1 X 100 with paddles, alternating 25 Free thinking about rotating from hip to hip and 25 keeping the bottom goggle in the water during the breath1 X 50 with pull buoy, alternating 25 freestyle scull (lie on stomach and hands scull at your hips) and 25 Freestyle3 X 100 Freestyle @ approx. :30 RI. Descend.(On second round, substitute 6 X 50 Freestyle @ approx. :25 RI. Descend 1 to 3 and 4 to 6.)WARMDOWN: 100At least 100 EZ warmdown.

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