08/19/04 CCB Masters Equipment Day!

Aug 19, 2004
08/19/04 CCB Masters  Equipment Day!

We had five new swimmers this morning, and they had a blast using different equipment throughout the practice. WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your own.MAIN SET: 800This set is all freestyle. The idea is that you will be adding surface area to your hands and body as you progress through the set. But, each time you add surface area, you take another 5 seconds off your sendoff. To determine the appropriate sendoff for your first set of 50s, figure that you want about 30 seconds rest if you are a beginning swimmer, and 20 to 25 seconds rest if you are a more advanced swimmer. Our fast lane started on a 1:05 sendoff and was on :50 sendoff for the last set of 50s. Our new swimmers started on a 1:15 sendoff and were on 1:00 for the last set of 50s.4 X 50 Free with fistgloves4 X 50 Nekked4 X 50 with small paddles4 X 50 with small paddles and fins.KICK SET: 200Your choice of kick on this set -- any stroke.4 X 50 Kick, with 5 Rocket Launchers before each 50#1: Use a board.#2: Use a pull buoy#3: Head-Lead Kick#4: Hand-Lead KickPULL SET: 300 (fast lane went 300 plus 200)Use pull buoy (no paddles) and pull 300 freestyle:Odd lengths: breathe however you wantEven lengths: breathe every stroke on the first even length, every 2 on the next even length, ever 3, etc., until on the final even length you breathe every 6 strokes.Fast lane did an extra 200 pull, breathing every 3 on odd lengths, then alternating every 5 and every 7 on the evens.SPEED SET: 200With fins. 8 X 25 freestyle:Odds: FAST, racing right next to each other -- 2 across in each laneEvens: EZ recoveryWe focused on using a streamlined dolphin kick into an explosive breakout.WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2000 (2200 for fast lane)

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