08/28/03 CCB Masters Shorter and Shorter Repeats

Aug 28, 2003
08/28/03 CCB Masters  Shorter and Shorter Repeats

08/28/03 CCB Masters Practice Shorter and Shorter RepeatsWARMUP: 800With fins.1 X 200 Head-Lead Drill IM1 X 200 Hand-Lead Drill IM1 X 200 Combo-Drill IM1 x 200 "Swim" IMMAIN SETS:Set #1 (without fins): 4004 X 100 freestyle on 2:00 sendoff (or take :20 rest after each 100)1st 25: breathe every 4 strokes2nd 25: breathe every 33rd 25: breathe every 24th 25: breathe every 1The point of the set is simply to experiment with different breathing patterns. When you breathe every stroke, focus on staying long with one arm out front, and rotating QUICKLY to air for each breath. If you hesitate on the roll to air, you will have trouble!Set #2 (without fins):450Swim six rounds of the following -- all freestyle/flutter kick. Use a kickboard for the 25s.1 X 75 flutter kick on approx. 1-minute sendoff1 X 50 freestyle, focusing on ACCELERATING into the first few strokes by kicking FAST into the breakout. Keep this focus on the pushoff and after the turn. You are never faster than when you push off at the wall. This set will help you MAINTAIN that speed into your first strokes. Make you breakout kick FAST but not BIG.50 EZ recoverySet #3 (with fins): 4008 X 50 on 1:00 (or take :15 rest after each 50)Do these 50s as two rounds of the following1st 50: 25 FLY + 25 BACK2nd 50: 25 BACK + 25 BREAST3rd 50: 25 BREAST + 25 FREE4th 50: 50 same stroke (your choice of stroke)50 EZ recoverySet #4 (without fins): 25010 X 25 Take 10 to 15 seconds recovery after each 25Odds: Freestyle at normal stroke count minus 3 strokesEvens: ALL-OUT freestyle. Don't worry about stroke count, just stay in control, but get your turnover rate up. On all of these 25s, focus on kicking FAST into the breakout so that you can ACCELERATE into your swimming stroke.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZ swimdownTotal Yardage: 2500

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